The Live USB Mode

Lakka can be installed on an USB key, and be booted in Live Mode on any PC that supports Lakka’s requirements. This Live Mode is persistent: all changes will be saved to the key, safely storing games within the USB.

To set up Lakka in Live USB Mode, set up the regular Lakka for PC on any USB key, and choose Live Mode during the bootloader phase.

Certain settings and configurations may not be saved in spite of the persistence property. This issue would be noted on the next reboot. However, it is easily solved by selecting Quit RetroArch. Automatically, the RetroArch component of Lakka will then be restarted with the desired settings saved which will be preserved even after the next reboot.

Note that the 32bit version will be compatible with 32bit AND 64bit PC. While the 64bit version will be compatible only with 64 PCs.