Network settings


Lakka uses DHCP, so if you attach your Lakka system to a wired switch or router it should automatically connect to the network and become available at the address “lakka”.


RetroArch has now a graphical interface to change the network settings. Just go to Settings Tab > Wifi.

You can still use conmannctl command to connect to the network.


This will open a new prompt.

First enable the wifi interface:

enable wifi

Start the agent (required by some wifi cards)

connmanctl agent on

To scan the area for wifi networks run:

connmanctl scan wifi

To list the wifi networks from the above scan run:

connmanctl services
android-device-tether wifi_de65fr56325_524632863278
FBIDrone wifi_je86fe48321_532486348931

To connect to one of the wifi networks use the section starting with wifi_. You can use tab to autocomplete the name.

connmanctl connect wifi_de65fr56325_524632863278

You can now be on the network. Check it out by using ip addr or connmanctl state.

Once done, your Lakka Box should automatically connect on startup. If not, you way have to mark the service as prefered.