The following is a list of frequently used terms and their definitions:

  • RetroArch: The main software included in Lakka, RetroArch is a frontend able to run libretro cores. It handles video, inputs, configuration, and more.
  • A libretro core: A piece of software responsible for running content. For example, the snes9x-next libretro core can play Super Nintendo ROMs, the ffmpeg libretro core can play videos and music. Lakka is shipped with 20 to 30 libretro cores.
  • The system / The OS: Lakka, the Operating System.
  • Your Lakka box: Your hardware running Lakka.
  • CLI: Command Line Interface, a terminal to type commands.
  • Filesystem: The folders and files in your Lakka storage.
  • Development boards: Single-board computers like the Raspberry Pi.
  • Bootloader: The software responsible for booting the kernel.
  • Kernel: The central component of the operating system, in this case, Linux. It handles the hardware.
  • Init system: The software and scripts responsible for initializing the system, and launching RetroArch.
  • Cmdline: A list of options passed by the bootloader to the kernel and the init system.
  • ROM: A game dumped to a file.
  • BIOS: A special ROM required by some emulators to operate properly.