Lakka is low cost

We do our best to ensure that Lakka can run on cheap and easily acquired hardware. The software is optimized to run fast even on low end computers, and we support a lot of USB joypads.

Lakka is not a company, we do not sell any hardware. The OS we build is available for free. Each user buys or obtains the required hardware himself.

Cost estimation

Let us estimate the cost of an average Lakka installation based on the popular Raspberry Pi 3. This little computer is a good choice for beginners. It has built-in bluetooth and WiFi, and is compatible with a lot of TV sets. Of course, there are other options.

1Raspberry Pi 3$40USD
1HDMI cable$4USD
1Micro USB power cable$6USD
18go Micro SD card$10USD
1Sony Dual Shock 3 + mini data carying USB cable$30USD
1Ethernet cable

You probably already own one or more of the required components as it is very common nowadays to have an HDMI cable and a micro USB cable.

You can use your phone's charger, or directly plug the power cable to a USB port on your TV or any other electronic equipement next to the TV.

The ethernet cable is only required on the first use, to configure your WiFi.

So, if by any chance, you already own a USB joypad, building your own Lakka Box will only cost you the price of a Raspberry Pi 3 : $40USD.

You can also buy some packs from webshops composed of a Raspberry Pi 3, a case, an SD card and a power cable. For example at Pimoroni. Be careful with the taxes and the shipping cost. Depending on your location, purchasing from a local shop might be wiser.

The live USB mode

Another good option to keep the costs low, is to run Lakka in Live USB mode. This mode allows you to play Lakka directly from a USB drive, without installing Lakka on the PC allowing for portability.

The performance will certainly be good, since most modern PCs are extremely powerful. You can store games and ROMS directly on the USB key. All data will be saved on the USB, including screenshots, savestates, and settings. This is known as persistence.

It is also a convenient way to test Lakka on various PCs, or to showcase your current game library and saves to your friends while visiting them.

Live USB documentation