Lakka is open source

Lakka is a community-driven project. Coders, designers and gamers, from all around the world, are working together to make it the Ultimate Emulation OS. Come and join us!

Contributor profiles

Tester & Documentation Writer

Lakka, being available on a wide variety of hardware, has become difficult to test manually. It takes an immeasurable amount of time for the developers to test the new builds on every officially supported hardware.

As a simple user, without any particular IT skills, you can be of great help by upgrading or reinstalling our nightly builds on a regular basis, and report any regression or bugs on our issue (tracker)[].

Contributors with such a profile tend to develop a good knowledge of the various functionalities of Lakka, and often become contributors to the documentation.

If you are good at writing articles, you can write news on our blog too.

Skills: Playing video games, good written English, using Lakka, Markdown, github interface, using IRC / Discord

Non-Technical Community Member

We need people to hang on IRC, Discord and the forums to reply to the questions of the beginners. In time, you will know every member in the team, and will be able to redirect the users to the right person. In an extensive project like Lakka, having some positive and enthousiastic users online on the channel is very encouraging. It is what make us a community, after all.

If you enjoy using Lakka, and if you have an affinity for video games and want to talk about them, please register on our Forum and join our Discord or IRC channel!

Skills: Playing video games, being nice, using Lakka, using IRC / Discord

Tasks: Welcome new users, help new users, spread Lakka through social networks, share your knowledge, read the documentation, follow the blog

Database Contributor

Lakka and RetroArch are using a huge database of games, with metadata, screenshots, boxarts, and relationships.

If you are an expert on video games, ROM formats, scanning methods, etc., you can help us, too.

Skills: ClrMamePro, No-Intro DATs, Redump, video game culture, ROM formats culture, Linux, Bash, git


System Developer

If you know Linux internals well, you can be of precious help on the OS's development side. You can help in maintaining the OS, upgrading the packages, and backporting some features from LibreELEC.

Packaging new libretro cores is certainly the best way to get started.

But if you are skilled enough on this topic, you may want to help porting Lakka to new ARM boards.

Skills: Linux from Scratch, Bash, git, OpenELEC, LibreELEC, BuildRoot, C, Makefiles, Mesa, libdrm, u-boot


C Developer

RetroArch is coded in C. It is a very special software that is able to run on a LOT of strange platforms: PSP, Wii, Blackberry, iOS, Android, GameCube, PS3, PS Vita, etc. It is also a software that evolves very fast. The number of daily commits and merged pull requests is impressive.

As a C developer, you can help us on a lot of fronts by contributing to RetroArch itself. But you can also contribute to the improvement of existing libretro cores, or even create your own libretro port of a new emulator or game engine.

If you think this kind of task suits you, join us on #lakkatv or #retroarch on Discord.

Skills: C, git, Makefiles, compilers, assembler, debuggers


UX Designer

RetroArch was known in the past for its very conservative UI. In the last year, things have changed a lot and moved to many kind of new GUIs, including the one used in Lakka. We need help from ergonomy experts, to provide us with contructive remarks on how to organize the menus.

We are also looking for a very rare profile : a good C hacker with a very fine taste in UX. If you love Lakka and RetroArch enough, and if you are skilled in both C and UX, please join the developers on Discord.


Our menu supports theming. You can create your own theme, composed of icons, wallpaper, and fonts.

If your theme is great and covers enough systems, we can include it in Lakka.

Skills: SVG, good taste in design