Lakka 4.1 release candidate

Posted on 2022-04-03 by vudiq

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We are proud to announce a release canditate for the upcoming release of Lakka 4.1. This release candidate is considered to be stable. Before we release final 4.1 version, we want to give it a good test drive by a broader audience. We thank all testers in the community who give us valuable feedback on the nightly development builds.

What is new?

Here are changes since the release of Lakka 4.0:

Removed system files downloader

System files downloader was removed from Lakka, as Lakka already ships files in the system folder required by various cores. It is still possible to add own files as before, but as some of these files have to match the version of the libretro core, this feature is not available in Lakka in order to avoid incompatibility between core and the files in system folder (espcially in case of PPSSPP). Files required by following cores are included in the Lakka image:

If you have already added some system files to your Lakka, they will still have priority over files in the image. To remove these files, please remove them via SCP / SFTP from the /storage/system folder (do not remove them via SAMBA share System, as this share shows already the path used by RetroArch; you can use the share to add new files).

Bluetooth pairing

Couple releases back a hack was added to RetroArch to remove existing pairings. This is useful in case you need to re-pair a game controller (e.g. you paired it with different device), but as the pairing is already stored in the Lakka OS, only attempt to connect is made. To remove pairing, simply navigate to SettingsBluetooth, wait for the scanning to finish (you do not need to put your game controller in pairing mode yet) and if you see your game controller, scroll to it and then press the Start button on connected game controller or press the Space key on the keyboard. Then restart RetroArch, switch on pairing mode on your game controller, navigate to SettingsBluetooth, wait for the scanning to finish and chose your game controller for pairing.

We have also added a small fix in cases your game controller would not reconnect after it was already succesfully paired, but it will not automatically connect after waking it up / rebooting. However you need to re-pair your game controller, so please follow the steps in previous paragraph.

To auto-connect your paired game controller after boot, make sure that Bluetooth service is enabled via SettingsServicesBluetooth.

How do I get it?

You can download this release candidate:

Vulkan / GL

Many cores already support Vulkan, therefore on platforms, where Vulkan support is included (PC with Intel and AMD GPU, Raspberry Pi 4, Nintendo Switch) we recommend using the vulkan video driver (SettingsVideoOutputVideo). Many cores should automatically switch to different video driver in case they do not support the selected one. If you encounter crash, please try again with gl / glcore video driver, as most probably the level of implementation of Vulkan on the platform / in the GPU driver does not meet the requirements of the core or the Vulkan support for your platform is not supported by the core.

Final notes

If you want to follow the development of Lakka more closely, you can download latest Lakka nightly builds.

See GitHub for information about currently open bugs and issues and also for possible workarounds for these bugs/issues.

If you want to show your support for further development of the Libretro projects and ecosystem, you can learn more here.

Happy retro-gaming!