Lakka 2.0 RC3 ships RetroArch 1.5.0 and brings RPi Zero W support

Posted on 2017-03-13 by kivutar

After two weeks of work, we present Release Candidate 3 of Lakka 2.0.

LibreELEC updated to

RPi Zero W

The RPi Zero W is the new version of the RPi Zero with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

RetroArch updated to 1.5.0

We don’t usually update RetroArch during a release candidate cycle, but this new version focuses on stability improvements and bugfixes.




Installing or upgrading

Images are available here: and are named with the version 2.0-rc3.

You can upgrade directly from our menu if you’re already using RC1 or RC2.

Thanks for your help. We really hope that there will be a lot of testing and bug reporting as we reach the final version so keep those bug reports coming. You can report issues on our issues tracker here.