New release, official WeTek support, and more

Posted on 2015-05-29 by kivutar

New release

We are releasing new stable versions of Lakka.

The ATI bug is finally fixed. We had to add back x11 in the generic builds to work around this bug preventing launch of games on ATI cards. This change will have some side effects, the performance of GL cores like PPSSPP will improve on NVidia cards, since x11 allow to use the proprietary driver instead of nouveau. However, x11 add some overhead, and you can expect a performance drop globally.

In this release, a lot of packages have been updated, including RetroArch and some Libretro cores like FBA, PPSSPP, and more. We didn’t merge OpenELEC yet, since we don’t want to lose i386 and BIOS support now.

The Odroid-C1 build has been upgraded to use MALI r5p0 for better performance : FF3 on PPSSPP now runs at full speed without frameskipping. The vsync issue is partially fixed: the game objects are blinking correctly now, but there is still tearing. I saw that they implemented waitforvsync in their kernel, we still need to call this on the RetroArch side to fix the problem.

The Odroid-XU3 port is currently too unstable to be released, we tried the r5p0 blobs on the XU3 without success.

This new release uses the XMB menu. The database and scanning is not present yet in the RetroArch that we ship. It is a choice, we will include this new feature in the next release if possible, since it still needs to mature before being usable and integrated.

Some hardware donation

WeTek Play official support

For a few months now, we’ve been providing some development builds for the WeTek Play. A contributor named snifferdsx contacted the WeTek team and asked for a free sample. We received one yesterday and the port works well. We can now officially support this nice box. Thanks a lot to snifferdsx and the folks at WeTek for this donation!

WeTek Play

Cubieboard 1

Kozimodo, a generous contributor on the Libretro forums is sending us a free Cubieboard. We will receive it by the end of June and port Lakka to it.

I took a look at the specs, and the port should be feasible. Thanks again!


KADE miniConsole+

Bootsector from the KADE team contacted us to talk about the compatibility of their miniConsole+ and Lakka. Their project is very interesting, it allows you to use all your good old pads on most modern platforms.

They are going to send us a free prototype. We will do our best to support it in Lakka. Many thanks to them!


Happy gaming!