Release for Raspberry Pi 2, the Odroid-C1 and more!

Posted on 2015-03-07 by kivutar

A new release of Lakka is out. All the platform builds have been updated, and we can finally add official support for the Odroid-C1 and the Raspberry Pi 2.

Raspberry Pi 2

The new Raspberry Pi is out, for the same price as the previous version. It can run most arcade games without lag, same for most PlayStation games. We ship the snes9x-next core, which has better sound and compatibility than pocketSNES.

Here is a video make by one of our users, demonstrating the result:

Known bugs for the RPi2 build:

Those bugs are not blocking, we will fix them in the next weeks.


This powerful device was donated by Hardkernel. It is incredibly fast, and at the same price as the Raspberry Pi 2. It can run snes9x-next and pcsx_rearmed with absolutely no lag.

A video of the Odroid-C1 running Lakka:

Known bugs for the Odroid-C1 build:

Those bugs are tough, we may not be able to fix them…

What’s new in this release?

So, aside those two new ports, the next release will add two major features:


Lutro is a new libretro core. It was started by enygmata one year ago. It embeds a lua interpreter and tries to be compatible with the love2d API.

With this core, you can develop your own games for Lakka in Lua. Lua is a very easy programming language, so it lowers the barrier and let you focus on your game. And once your game runs on Lutro, you will be able to test it on the wide variety of platforms supported by RetroArch.

This video shows a sample platformer game running on lutro in RetroArch:

Lutro is still experimental and lacks ogg/vorbis support to play background music, but all the other features to develop small retro games are there, and we provide some demo games to get you started, available on the libretro github page.

Have fun :)