Graphical contributions

Posted on 2014-07-30 by floreal

Today we are going to talk about bibalox’s awesome contribution to Lakka.

The Contributor

Bibalox is a former chemist. He always was interested in graphics arts. He had got bored of chemistry, so he decided to start self-teaching himself designing by buying books and accurate hardware.

By the way, he thinks he is ready to starting a new career as a designer and is currently looking for a job.

The Contributions

He jumped into the project a few weeks ago, proposed to give help on designing interface, and started working on a menu based on the awesome Niouby’s work, releasing a new theme for the XMB-like menu:

Cool, isn’t it? But that is not all, he imagined another menu from scratch. Something different from XMB-style menu. Something easier to use on any device (TV, Tablets, Smartphones) and nice to look at. Here is his proof of concept:

It is not completely done yet, but the result will sure be a great eye-candy. We really love his work.

Next Release

The menu still lacks some entries to be fully usable. Yet, It is not as simple as adding graphics elements. It is rather a matter of implementing the menu settings API in Retroarch. It is not easy, but it is being taken care of. We believe it is a matter of weeks since we tag a new version of Lakka.