A brand new website

Posted on 2014-07-18 by floreal

We finally managed to remake our website with a fully static content management system - nanoc. This allows us many good things.

But first of all, we wish to thank Evolix for offering free hosting to this website.

Some changes

You might have noticed new pages form the navigation bar:

Of course are working on improving your walk here and by the way we would listen to your suggestions.

Oh, and you might also have noticed, we added a “News” section.

About Lakka itself

It has been a long time since we last released. We are working hard integrating adding the XMB-like menu. Though it is not yet fully functional (some feature are missing). But it is just a matter of week until we release it.

We got some prototype version, and kivutar released a video on a running menu on Raspberry Pi.

PC port works just fine. We managed to play Nintendo 64 and PlayStation One games without noticeable issues concerning frame rate.

We also started to port the system to cubieboard. It still has the RGUI menu, but we managed to run a few roms.

Here you can get one of those image if you want to give a try. Just do not forget these are prototypes.